Pathways4employ has taken its first steps and we are proud to say that we have the best organizations to guide people to become entrepreneurs or virtual office workers with the help of digital skills. All partners have solid experience in the field of employability, entrepreneurship and digital skills and competences. For many of them preparing virtual office workers is a new field, but they have already been practicing it on the ground. So let’s take a look at the different projects, initiatives or training programs that they already have on offer for entrepreneurs and virtual office workers!

entrepreneurFor instance, TECNALIA has developed the Team Academy Euskadi, a studies centre, which offers different programmes for entrepreneurs, workers and companies aimed at developing leadership and entrepreneurial competences. Launched in 2007 in the Basque Country, it is based on innovating leadership and it is engaged in the creation of teams of entrepreneurs. Moreover, TECNALIA itself fosters virtual work among its workers. The company has established a formal procedure whereby any employee who has worked there for over 2 years can benefit from the opportunity to telework. However, at any given time, maximum 20% of employees can work from outside the office, because the company believes in the inspiring power of the physical working space it has created. (Photo, Robert Scoble (CC BY SA)

The Spanish telecentres’ network Guadalinfo has launched the Innycia initiative, a social innovation ecosystem to foster the generation and materialization of social entrepreneurial ideas. Innycia provides a mix of services – information, training, access to resources, community support, mentoring and experts’ advice during the social innovation project process, from the idea to its implementation. The ecosystem network spreads all over Guadalinfo’s telecentres and virtual platform to improve Andalusian’ communities lives.

In Greece, the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is currently participating as partner in the Erasmus+ project A new ENTRance, which aims to foster entrepreneurship among Roma minority in Europe as an alternative to unemployment, through the implementation of entrepreneurship training courses -taking into account Roma specific needs – and the development of an online self-evaluation tool for potential entrepreneurs.

Latvia has a long history addressing the digital skills for employees as well. Data Media Group has been involved in several activities, the most recent being a national project for e-leadership training for SMEs, coordinated by LIKTA. The purpose of the project is to provide entrepreneurs with up to date digital skills needed for different business processes and different industry sectors. More than 7 000 trainings have already been provided in 3 thematic blocks: 1. General digital technologies, 3. Digital tools and 3. Digitalization of business processes.

Why is all this important? Because that’s where partners start from, and we believe it is safe to say we don’t start from zero. We will build on this experience that we already have in our backpacks when we set off on this exciting journey called pathways4employ!

What do PATHWAYS4EMPLOY partners’ already offer to entrepreneurs
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