For the six year Microsoft Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania together with  many industry, government and NGO partners have organized the ““Work from Anywhere Day”  ( WAD ) in 3 Baltic countries.

The principal goal of the  annual PR initiative was  to raise wide society  and SMEs awareness about the   digital technologies and digital skills  that supports the new flexible way of working outside traditional offices.

In year 2017 the event took place on 26 of May. 3 Baltic countries have different approaches to organize the events :

  • Estonia cooperated with partners to drive activities online across all Estonia;
  • Latvia had an event where Microsoft and partners invited anyone to join working outside the office in a pop-up city;
  • Lithuania had moved to Facebook and in collaboration with six municipalities for two weeks run a social media campaign to reach people outside the capital.

ESTONIA –invitation for a work outside the office


This year together with Microsoft there were  three main  organizing partners: Elisa (Telecom company ), Targa Töö Ühing (smartwork.ee) and Estonian Human Resource Management Association (PARE).

The Day was  started  by  calling out to work outside of traditional offices  on National TV morning program and radios where two organizer representatives  introduced the principles of “Work from Anywhere Day “ and talked about technologies used to work away from the office. Estonian HR Portal (Personaliuudised) made their own photo competition in WAD with about 15 submissions. Technologies like cloud services, online collaboration platforms, teleconferences and meetings as well as different mobile applications and WI FI technologies were presented.

LATVIA –  meeting at modern Pop-up City


In Latvia the main focus was on an half day event at the art and technology center Sporta 2 in Riga where the flexible workstyle was promoted by  6  leading partner and 45 supporter organizations. Representatives from more than 100 organizations have met at the location, able to share their knowledge of digital technologies, skills and innovative working and learning approaches.

Mini seminars were organized by several partners :

  • Microsoft Teams feature presentation for participants
  • On-site demonstration of available technologies and features to make flexible working easy and productive
  • Flexible learning by Alberta College and Riga English Gymnasium students
  • Conversation organized by State Chancellery about public administration ethics and values
  • Cert.lv Computerologist checking participants’ phones and computers for security breaches and viruses
  • Flexible work bourse : Draugiem Group, Squalio, Swedbank and other companies shared their flexible workstyle experience and informed about job opportunities to those looking for flexible work
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development representatives informed about public digital services and ways to use e-signature
  • Chance to make or remake a tattoo design with Tattoo Frequency artists
  • Digital and real life games from partners (including big chess and Swedbank digital game)


LITHUANIA  – WAD moved to Facebook     

The aim of two weeks campaign was to inform all Lithuanians, even from smaller regions, about flexible workstyle. Organizers have collaborated with 6 municipalities, asked them to share best places where people could come to work flexible.

Organizers have  created an  FB event urging people to leave their offices on WAD, had slideshows with best places to work flexible in all over Lithuania (photos were shared by municipalities).

Digital skills requested for virtual office work

5jul The “ Work form Anywhere Day “ events has raised a lot of discussion about the skills and competences required to ensure efficient virtual work by the employees as well as by the organizations in general.

As the most important digital competences  for flexible and virtual office work the following were pointed out :

  • Knowledge of online platforms to store and share digital content
  • Competences to use online collaboration tools
  • Competence to download, install and update different software
  • Competences to organize professional online meetings and conferences
  • Good knowledge of wireless and other networks and their security
  • Ability to manage and connect your digital devices
  • Knowledge of security and cybersecurity principles and ability to protect your data and devices
  • Netiquette and copyrights of digital content use


Flexible work style and relevant digital skills promoted in Baltic countries with “Work from Anywhere Day” events

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